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XPO Overview

  • Headquarters - Greenwich, CT
  • Terminals - Greenwich, CT
  • Areas Served - USA & Canada

XPO Logistics is a leading less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier that prioritizes customer freight, covering 99% of all US zip codes, as well as Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean through a single source. The company is technology-driven, utilizing proprietary software, data science, and machine learning to optimize efficiency and streamline the customer experience​​.

With over three decades in the LTL business and 18 billion pounds of freight moved in the last year, XPO has demonstrated its ability to deliver results for its over 27,000 customers. The company continues to invest in growth by adding new terminals and expanding existing sites, building its own trailers in-house, and training new drivers at its 130 driver school locations to quickly add capacity​​.

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To determine the freight density of your shipment, you need to calculate its cubic feet by using the length, width, and height of the load. You can do this by dividing the weight of the load by its cubic foot. The resulting value is known as pounds per cubic foot (PPCF). Keep in mind that the NMFC classes may vary based on handling, liability, and stowability, which can impact the cost.

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