Indirect Air Carrier

Faster Processing of Shipments

What is an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC)?

Faster Processing and Reduced Risk

An Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) is a term used in the United States to describe companies or individuals who are not airlines themselves but play a pivotal role in air cargo transportation. IACs act as intermediaries or freight forwarders, facilitating the movement of goods via air transportation on behalf of shippers.

Why We Became an Indirect Air Carrier

At RS Group, we've embraced the role of an IAC to enhance our service offerings and better serve our clients. Here's why our decision to become an IAC is important:

Expanded Business Scope

Becoming an IAC allows us to broaden our business operations and provide a wider range of services. By acting as an IAC, we can tap into the air cargo transportation market, offering our clients more options for shipping their goods.

Diverse Transportation Solutions

Our IAC status enables us to diversify our transportation solutions. In addition to our existing ground transportation services, we now offer air freight services. This expansion makes RS Group a comprehensive solution for clients seeking global cargo transportation.

Competitive Edge

As an IAC, we gain a competitive advantage in the logistics industry. We can provide integrated logistics solutions that encompass air freight, setting us apart from competitors that lack such capabilities.

Regulatory Compliance

Becoming an IAC requires meeting specific regulatory requirements and obtaining necessary licenses and certifications. RS Group has invested in regulatory compliance to ensure that we can operate legally and safely as an IAC.

Strategic Partnerships

Our IAC status allows us to establish valuable partnerships and agreements with airlines and other key players in the air cargo industry. These partnerships are essential for accessing cargo space on flights, negotiating favorable rates, and ensuring the smooth handling and transportation of goods.

In conclusion, an Indirect Air Carrier, or IAC, is a crucial intermediary in air cargo transportation. RS Group's decision to become an IAC enhances our service capabilities, providing our clients with more comprehensive logistics solutions and access to the advantages of air transportation.