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Nationwide LTL Shipping

RS Group is a leading logistics company that specializes in providing Nationwide LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping services. Our team of experienced professionals works tirelessly to ensure that your shipments are delivered on time and within budget.

We understand the importance of timely and reliable delivery, which is why we use the latest technology and equipment to track your shipments and ensure that they arrive at their destination safely. Whether you need to ship a small package or a large shipment, we have the expertise and resources to handle all your LTL shipping needs. Choose RS Group for your Nationwide LTL shipping needs and experience the difference of working with a trusted logistics partner.

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What Are LTL Shipments?

LTL stands for "Less than Truckload" and refers to a type of freight shipping where the shipment does not require an entire truck to transport it. Instead, the shipment is consolidated with other LTL shipments to fill the truck and share transportation costs. This service is more technology-based and is similar to booking airline tickets, where a client has several options to choose from to reach their destination.

Typically used for smaller shipments that do not require a full truckload, but are too large or heavy for parcel shipping services, RS Group's LTL freight service bridges the gap between the main carriers and full truckloads.

LTL shipping is typically recommended for freight that weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds and uses 10 or fewer pallets. If your business falls within this weight and volume range, LTL shipping could be a great option to consider for your shipping needs.

LTL is the best option when:

  • Freight that weighs more than 150 pounds
  • 1-10 palletized or crated items
  • The entire trailer not needed
  • Businesses (or individuals) who are looking for affordable pricing

How does LTL pricing work?

Pricing for our LTL services is set up on a matrix considering criteria such as zip code, weight, cargo classification and more to find the best pricing for our clients.

How Many Pallets Typically Can be Shipped LTL?

Normally between 1-10 pallets. If a client has over 10 pallets of cargo to ship, that falls into the Partial Truckload service category. LTL is designed to handle small to medium-sized shipments in a timely and efficient manner.

Advantages of LTL

Quick and Hassle-Free Delivery with LTL Shipping

Are you tired of waiting for a full truckload to deliver your goods? With LTL shipping, you can enjoy the convenience of booking your items immediately and having them on their way to the consignee as soon as possible. You no longer have to wait for sufficient orders in an area to optimize your load or send a half-empty truck. This means quicker delivery and happier customers.

Safe and Secure Shipping with our LTL Freight

Do you worry about the safety of your products during transit? LTL shipping is the answer. Your items are meticulously wrapped and loaded into the truck before they are transported, preventing damage or destruction. Damages during freight forwarding are common, so many businesses prefer to employ LTL shipping for their operations. With LTL freight, you can rest assured that your goods will arrive at their destination safely and securely.

Transport Small Loads with Ease with LTL Shipping

Are you a small business looking for a cost-efficient way to transport your goods? LTL shipping is the perfect solution. It is highly flexible, allowing you to transport even smaller loads throughout the country. This benefit of LTL shipping enables small enterprises to efficiently move their goods while being profitable. You no longer have to wait for a total cargo to be cost-efficient.

Save on Transportation Costs with LTL Shipping

Are you looking for ways to cut transportation costs? LTL shipping is often far less expensive than FTL transportation for the same lane. Choosing to send your goods in smaller loads with those of other businesses lowers the overall shipping cost for everyone. Smaller loads or partial shipments from various businesses use less fuel and require fewer trucks to transport their cargo. With LTL shipping, you can save on transportation costs and increase your profit margins.

Multiple Shipping Options to Suit Your Needs

Do you need shipping options that suit your specific needs? LTL shipping companies provide a variety of shipping choices to help you plan your shipments more effectively.

Equipment Used for LTL

  • Dry van trailers: Dry van trailers are the most commonly used type of trailer for LTL shipments. These trailers are enclosed and protect the freight from the elements.

  • Flatbed trailers: Flatbed trailers are used for LTL shipments that are too large to fit in a dry van trailer. These trailers have a flat, open deck and are used to transport oversized or irregularly shaped freight.

  • Refrigerated trailers: Refrigerated trailers are used for LTL shipments that require temperature control. These trailers are equipped with refrigeration units that can maintain a consistent temperature throughout the journey.

  • Liftgate trucks: Liftgate trucks are equipped with a hydraulic liftgate at the rear of the truck that can lift and lower heavy freight. This equipment is commonly used for LTL shipments that require special handling.

  • Straight trucks: Straight trucks are smaller than tractor-trailers and are used for local or regional LTL shipments. They are often used for deliveries to residential areas or locations with limited access.

LTL Freight Quote

Get an LTL freight quote tailored to your specific needs today. RS Group will take your needs into account to find you the best price and most efficient carrier for your cargo.

Why Choose LTL

  • Cost-effective shipping: LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) allows customers to share truck space with other shipments, resulting in significant cost savings. This is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with lower freight volumes.
  • Flexibility in shipment size: LTL services cater to a wide range of shipment sizes, from one pallet to several, making it suitable for businesses with varying shipping needs. This eliminates the need to wait for a full truckload, allowing for quicker shipping.
  • Reduced environmental impact: By consolidating shipments and maximizing truck space, LTL reduces the number of trucks on the road, ultimately lowering fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This is an excellent option for eco-conscious customers.
  • Access to value-added services: Many LTL carriers offer additional services such as liftgate delivery, inside delivery, and residential delivery. These services can enhance the customer experience by providing customized solutions for specific shipping requirements.
  • Scalability: As a business grows and shipping needs change, LTL services can easily adapt, providing the necessary support without compromising efficiency. This allows customers to focus on their core business while knowing their shipping needs are being met.


Q What is the maximum weight and size limit for LTL shipments?


The weight and size limits for LTL shipments vary depending on the carrier and the shipping destination. However, most LTL carriers will accept shipments that weigh between 150 and 15,000 pounds and are no more than 12 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8 feet in height.

Q How is the cost of LTL shipping determined


The cost of LTL shipping is based on several factors, including the weight and size of the shipment, the shipping destination, the distance between the pickup and delivery points, and any additional services required, such as liftgate or residential delivery.

Q How long does LTL shipping take?


LTL shipping typically takes longer than full truckload shipping because the carrier must make multiple stops to pick up and deliver shipments from different customers. The exact transit time will depend on the carrier, the distance, and the shipping destination.

Q Can I track my LTL shipment


Yes, RS Group sends packaging updates everyday and reports can be viewed at any time.