Specialized Freight Services

Specialized Freight Services


Crossdocking is a logistics strategy that involves unloading goods from incoming transportation and loading them directly onto outbound transportation with little to no storage in between.

Container Transloading

Container transloading is the process of transferring cargo from one container to another, often to accommodate different transportation modes or to consolidate shipments.

Dry Ice Shipping

Dry ice logistics involves the transportation and handling of products that require dry ice to maintain their temperature during shipping

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Specialized Freight Services

Specialized freight services involve the transportation of unique, oversized, or high-value goods that require specialized equipment, handling, and expertise to move safely and efficiently. RS Group has all of that.

Why is it Important?

Specialized freight shipping is a crucial aspect of the freight trucking industry, offering businesses a safe and efficient way to transport goods that require special handling or unique packaging requirements.

Why RS Group?

By partnering with RS Group, businesses can meet tight delivery timelines, guarantee timely customer deliveries, and move their goods quickly and securely.